PESHAWAR         -        District administration on Monday sealed another five areas in the provincial capital at the pretext of coronavirus cases.

However, several residents of the newly sealed areas criti­cised the district administration without giving any prior infor­mation.

As per a notification from the district administration, they have enforced smart lockdown in five more areas including Phase-VI and VII in Hayatabad, Bashira­bad, Palosai village near Agricul­ture University and Mandi Village in Hassankhel in rural Peshawar. It added that only shops of food items and medicines would re­main open in the areas.

A resident of Hayatabad, Phase-VI, Abdul Rehman, said he was not aware of the lockdown in Phase-VII and sealing of Phase-VI. “I went shopping and while return­ing home, I was not being allowed to enter Phase-VI. At least, there should be some procedure for seal­ing of an area so that the residents are mentally prepared,” he added.

Meanwhile, the traders also crit­icized the administration for ar­rest of 162 persons and sealing of 72 shops by the district adminis­tration,