LAHORE - Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of Police (Operations Wing) Lahore Ashfaq Khan gave away financial assistance cheques along with bouquets among police officers and officials of Operations Wing in his office on Monday, who joined back their duties after successful recovery from COVID-19 virus.

DIG Operations Ashfaq Khan gave away financial assistance cheques and bouquets among as many as 55 police officers and officials including DSP Flying Squad Zahid Mukhtar Nizami, DSP Samanabad Circle Waheed Ishaq, SHO Police Station Qilla Gujjar Singh Inspector Zaheer ud Din, SHO PS Baghbanpura Sub Inspector Muhammad Raza, SHO PS Defence Area B SI Muhammad Asad, Sub Inspector Muhammad Nawaz, TASI Yasir, Head Constable Anwaar, Constable Bilal and others.

Ashfaq Khan, while talking with the police officers said that he and his family members had become victims of the fatal affects of coronavirus and he very well knows the painful condition of the patients of this pandemic.

DIG Operations said that the passion and dedication of the police officers, who became victim of coronavirus is appreciateable and it is brave act on the part of these police officers and officials to join their duties immediately after their recovery from this fatal pandemic to serve the humanity.  Ashfaq Khan said that police officers are comparatively more vulnerable to the dangerous affects of coronavirus due to their field and public dealing duties.

He directed all the police offices to adopt safety measures including social distance, wearing of masks and gloves, use of sanitizers and follow the precautionary SOPS of coronavirus to protect themselves and their families from COVID-19 virus.

Ashfaq Khan said that as many as 344 officers of Lahore Police have been affected from COVID-19 virus so far, out of these as many as 191 have been quarantined, whereas around 148 police officers and officials have joined their duties after getting recovery from this disease.