PESHAWAR           -        A Grand Jirga of Mohmand tribesmen and Mohmand Dam affectees was held here at Shaheed Banda in Pandiali tehsil.

The Jirga was attended by Senator Hilal Rahman, MPA Nisar Mohmand, PTI leaders Malik Mehbob Sher, Qari Rahim Shah, Naveed Ahmad, PPP leaders Shah Sawar Khan, Arshad Khan, JI leader Haji Abdur Raziq and tribal elders of the area.

Speaking on the occasion, tribal elders urged the government to pay compensation as per the promise made with the tribesmen. They said the tribesmen should also be paid compensation for minerals and forests.

“Under the agreement, we have the first right to dam jobs and contracts which are not being given to us. The promise of a university, hospital, road and other facilities in Mohmand district is also not fulfilled,” said a tribal elder.

The local elders complained that people from other provinces were hired for the dam project while entry of the locals was banned. They called for the setting up of a committee comprising local parliamentarians to present their demands at various forums. Giving one week ultimatum to the government, they warned if their demands were not considered they would launch a protest movement across the district against the Mohmand Dam project.