ISLAMABAD-Recently, a woman named Danielle alleged in a Twitter statement that she had been assaulted by the singer at the Four Seasons hotel in Austin, Texas, following the star’s appearance at South by Southwest festival.The following day, Justin, 26, also used the micro-blogging site to dispute the claims, providing evidence that he says proves he was not there. Danielle described the alleged sexual assault in detail in a post she put up.She penned: ‘My friends and I were enjoying ourselves the entire night. A man then approached me and my friends and asked us if we wanted to meet Justin. Of course we said yes.’ Danielle said: Bieber asked her and her group to go back to his room at the Four Seasons. She said she was 21 years old at the time while Bieber was one year younger at 20.’Justin had made me agree to not say anything to anyone, or I can get in serious legal trouble,’ Danielle said. ‘He then asked me to join him in bed. That’s when I asked myself, “How in the world is this normal?’