LAHORE - CCPO Lahore Zulfiqar Hameed has said that Lahore Police is a front line soldier in the corona epidemic. He said in corona epidemic, Lahore Police is being affected the most in all departments. Lahore police is ensuring the safety and security of the citizens by putting aside all kinds of situations. Zulfiqar Hameed said that a total of 344 personnel were affected by the corona epidemic, out of which 191 personnel and officers are quarantined.   A total of 148 officers have recovered from the coronavirus and resumed their duties. He further said that Lahore police personnel are standing guard in smart lockdown areas.  Citizens should support Lahore police to control the corona epidemic. He said that cheques of worth Rs 25,000 each are being distributed among officers and personnel affected by the corona epidemic.  He said that Lahore police is fully protecting its troops.  Officers were affected during public dealings on checkpoints, quarantine centres, police stations and police stations’ sealed areas, locked-down areas and hospitals, he added.  He said that Lahore police personnel are in high spirits against corona.  And all means are being used and precautions are being taken to defeat it, he maintained.

Cheques distributed among martyrs’ heirs

Lahore Police salutes the personnel who were sacrificed in line of duty.  On the direction of CCPO Lahore Zulfiqar Hameed, the martyr dues were paid to the family of martyred Sub-Inspector Waris Ali. SSP Admin Capt (retired), Liaqat Ali Malik presented a cheque worth Rs 25 million to the son of the martyr.  Sub-Inspector Waris Ali was martyred during the raid a year and a half ago.  The CCPO Lahore said that it is our duty to convey their rights to the families of the martyrs. Lahore Police is the trustee of 315 martyrs.  In this regard, SSP Admin Capt (retired), Liaqat Ali Malik said that martyrs of police are solid examples of ensuring the protection of life and assets of citizens.

Martyrs of police sacrificed their today for our tomorrow, he added.