There are many ways to protest but Pakistanis have their own concept in this regard. In their acts of protest, ambulances are seen carrying corpses, vehicles are left burning, shops are plundered and the banks looted. Another of our concept, which seems radically different from the rest of the world, is that of a 'national hero'. Rather than doing something for the nation, our 'national hero' is one who, like Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, has been a victim of the dictatorship for some years. Dr. Khan is our 'national hero' but no protest, of the kind that we are fond of doing, has ever been done for him nor any hue and cry raised for him by anyone in all those years. Some might say that they have personally took part in a walk or a rally for him but I don't agree with that because rallies and protests, as we know, were never done for him. I know people would mind if I call our nation hypocrite but what would you call a nation that kept silent at the incarceration of their 'national hero' by a dictator?-RAJA HAROON GULZAR, Chakwal, via e-mail, March 17.