In recent months we heard of post-Musharraf and post-Bush scenarios. Now post-PPP scenarios are talk of the town. With the induction of Farooq. H. Naik as Chairman Senate, PPP-led coalition government in Pakistan has entered its last phase. Farooq H. Naik is the 7th non-PPP personality to be elevated to the highest position. The trend shows that now PPP is about to phase out and a new face of a once popular party is coming up. This new face will also not last for too long. The post-PPP scenario will be a new situation in Pakistan as PPP is the only party having roots in all the federating units. Will the slew of Muslim Leagues bring unity among its ranks and fill in the gap? In case the change does happen, Pakistan would need a new popular party in the post-PPP scenario. -BASHIR HUSSAIN AZAD, Chitral, via e-mail, March 13.