RAWALPINDI - The increasing number of beggars in the city speaks volumes with regard to the claims of the district administration, police as well as child welfare and protection bureau that they have cleansed the city of this stigma in our society. City police and district administration have been claiming that security in the city has been tightened to avoid any untoward situation after a row of deadly suicide blast in the federal capital and Rawalpindi, yet their efforts seem just a paper work. Despite their assurances, the authorities have not succeeded in ridding the major points of the city of beggary. There is no doubt that a number of drives by the district government have been underway but beggary still remains unabated in commercial, residential areas, hospitals, bus stands and at different traffic signals of the city. In some residential areas people complain that dacoits are active in disguise of beggars while young girls in disguise of beggars were enticing boys and even aged persons luring them into illegitimate relations against a little amount of money. In Saddar, some young girls have adopted a new trick by selling pens while roaming in the city to grab money from people. It was observed during a survey conducted by TheNation that the young beggars risked their lives on roads while running after vehicles to gain scanty amounts that hardly helped them secure a light meal. Some beggars are present even in the areas which are considered highly secure. Previously, it was reported that a disguised beggar held a suicide attack at Saddar, which took life of the Surgeon General of Pakistan Army General Mushtaq Ahmed Baig at Mall Plaza Chowk. District administration initiated several campaigns against beggars but could not control the enlarging social evil. These beggars are seen in the very presence of the law-enforcement agencies including police. Opposition Leader in National Assembly and PML-N Senior Leader Ch Nisar Ali Khan recently while presiding over a meeting held in Punjab House, Rawalpindi had taken strict notice of the social evil in the city. In the meeting he directed the officials of district administration and police to take stern action against beggars and made the city free of them. He also vowed that Punjab government would take care of all those beggars by providing them shelter, clothes, food and other essential items of needs. Beggars have adopted new tactics like newspapers selling, wiping the car screen and some of them even show fake or stolen medical certificates to fleece the commuters.