ISLAMABAD - Speaker National Assembly, Dr Fehmida Mirza Sunday said that Pakistan was created to establish a social order free from exploitation, discrimination and injustice with the active support of the masses of Pakistan adding it was the responsibility of every citizen to contribute individually and collectively to accomplish this sacred mission. She said this in her message to the nation on the occasion of the Pakistan Day (March 23) being celebrated today. She said that on this day in 1940, the Muslims of South Asia under the leadership of Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah declared their collective resolve in Lahore for the establishment of an independent and sovereign state comprising the Muslim majority areas as their sole and common demand. She said that the Pakistan Resolution gave impetus to Pakistan movement and resulted in creation of Pakistan on 14th August, 1947. NA speaker further said that while celebrating the 69th anniversary of 23rd March, 1940 resolution we must ask ourselves as whether we have truly achieved the objectives and added that it was imperative that as a nation we renew our resolve to inculcate in ourselves the spirit of unity, harmony, brotherhood, equality and democratic values, which is the true lesson of Pakistan resolution. The speaker said that this year Pakistan Day has a special significance as democracy in Pakistan has been restored and people have been empowered. "Our economy is on way to recovery, governance improving, structural imbalances are being addressed and Pakistan 's global standing is on the rise. The general elections of 18th Feb, 2008 last year have brought into power a kind of leadership that has brought greater strength and glory to Pakistan," she said. APP adds- Meanwhile, Senate Chairman Farooq Naek in his message on the Pakistan Day said we must rededicate ourselves to the lesson of unity, faith discipline given by our great leader Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. He said March 23 bore a special significance in the history of the Muslims of South Asia. On this auspicious day, sixty-nine years ago, the Muslims of the sub-continent through a resolution expressed their firm resolve to achieve a separate homeland. "The unanimous adoption of Pakistan Resolution on March 23, 1940 was a watershed in our freedom struggle waged under the dynamic leadership of Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. It ultimately culminated in the creation of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, only seven years later," said the Chairman Senate. The passage of the resolution was a very significant development as it was to determine the contours of the country's constitution later. "The government is committed to strengthen the democratic order in the country. In line with the principles enunciated by this resolution, there is democracy, freedom of the press, thought and expression besides equality and social justice," Farooq H Naek. He said democratic institutions are gradually being strengthened in conformity with the teachings of Islam and also in consonance with the vision of the Founder of Pakistan. He stated that in today's Pakistan minorities have been given adequate representation in the Parliament. Women seats have also been reserved and every effort is being made to enable them join the mainstream of national life.