LAHORE - Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani Sunday stressed the need for making joint efforts for overcoming the challenges presently faced by the country. The Prime Minister and PML-N Quaid Nawaz Sharif agreed in principle to pursue greater reconciliation to meet all challenges on external and internal levels including political and economic stability and fighting against terrorism. Both the leaders addressed a joint Press conference at Nawaz Sharif's Raiwind residence after two rounds of 'rapprochement talks' that continued for several hours. It was their first meeting after political crisis defused on March 16 when the government conceded a key demand of PML-N and reinstated Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry. Both the leaders had two rounds of talks for rapprochement following the luncheon reception given by Nawaz Sharif in honour of the Premier. Though meeting ended without reaching any concrete development yet it was agreed in principle to reconcile on all disputed matters with a vow to work together for the abrogation of 17th Amendment, implementation of Charter of Democracy and revoking Governor Rule in Punjab. Political experts called the meeting just a precursor towards better understanding between the two leading political parties. The issue of power-sharing arrangement was discussed between the two sides though no immediate decision could be taken on this account during the meeting. During the first round of negotiations, Prime Minister Gilani and his son Abdul Qadir Gilani, while from PML-N side Shahbaz Sharif, Ch Nisar Ali Khan, Khawaja Asif and Ishaq Dar talked about a range of issues including current confidence-building measures between PPP and PML-N, Governor Rule in Punjab, review petitions, Charter of Democracy and 17th Amendment. The second round of talks lasted for half an hour and was one-on-one meeting between Nawaz and Gilani. During the meeting, Nawaz made it clear that he had nothing against Zardari. "Our issue with Zardari was the restoration of judges and after reinstatement of Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry and other deposed judges we have no complain against Zardari," he said. Responding to the Prime Minister's offer, Nawaz Sharif said that he would consider the request of Premier to rejoin the Federal Cabinet. However as per insiders, it was also not possible for the PPP government to have PML-N members on board immediately due to coalition nature of government, probably without taking into confidence other partners. As for the power-sharing formula in Punjab, it was decided that this issue would be taken up after the court decision. The Prime Minister on the occasion said, "I have come here as a representative of the Federal Government to deliver a message of President Asif Zardari for greater reconciliation and for burying the hatchet." He said that the situation prevailing in the country demanded fresh beginning and greater reconciliation to resolve all the issues faced by the country. Gilani said that solution to all problems lays in cooperation amongst the democratic forces and Charter of Democracy also calls for it. The nation wanted PPP and PML-N to work together to make Pakistan prosperous. He said the biggest political forces formed a broad-based government honouring the mandate of people of Pakistan. Now it is high time to accept the mandate of political parties at the Centre and in Punjab with forward-looking approach, he maintained. He said that today's biggest challenge for leadership was to come up to the expectations of people. "We have greater challenges of unemployment, price-hike, unavailability of basic facilities to people, loadshedding and other. These all hardships could be dealt with only by fulfilling national agenda that would be based on CoD, he added. As a gesture of rapprochement, Gilani said, "We have already filed review petition against disqualification of Sharifs, seeking quick relief from the courts in the form of stay order that will lead to restoration of the Punjab government." He hoped that misunderstandings and differences between PPP and PML-N would now be removed. He appreciated the positive response of Nawaz Sharif in reply to his message of reconciliation. On the occasion, Nawaz Sharif welcomed and applauded the patch-up move on the part of PM Gilani. Calling the reconciliation process as encouraging, he linked the success of reconciliation with implementation on CoD in true letter and spirit, repeal of 17th amendment and supremacy of law and the Parliament. "We are ready for cooperation with the same spirit we maintained after February 18 elections," he said. Nawaz pressed the point that PML-N had never done the politics of power. He said, "Power is not our destination. Instead we want just prosperous Pakistan." On issue of restoration of judiciary, he extended his congratulation to President Zardari and PM Gilani. He also greeted to 160 million of people, leaders and workers of PML-N, civil society, lawyers and countrymen who played their role for the restoration of deposed judges. He termed the restoration of judges as neither win nor defeat of any one, saying it was the success of justice. Responding to a query regarding the prospects of PPP and PML-N entering the same power sharing arrangement made in the Punjab in recent past, Prime Minister Gilani said that if February 24 situation was restored by court, such possibility could never be ruled out. To an query about terrorism, he said the government had adopted three-pronged called 3-D policy to counter terrorism. He claimed that the policy could be changed by the Parliament. To a question that PPP-PML-N fell out on the judges issue, now it is another round of reconciliation going on, so is there any time frame for the success of reconciliation as PML-N had linked it with the result of disqualification case and implementation on COD, Gilani said that no time frame could be given in this regard. He said that time frame about the decision of court regarding disqualification case could not be given while there would be fast development on COD. He showed his sheer opposition against governor rule in Punjab. When asked about the Punjab government, he said the PPP would accept the decision of court with open heart and open mind. If the decision would be late, majority party would be allowed to make government, he added. He said that PPP had nothing to do with the opinion that two parties should join hand to make government in Punjab. Responding to a question about launching long march toward Governor House against dislodging of PML-N Punjab government, Nawaz said his party had no plan to do so. About meeting with President Zardari, Nawaz said that he had no personal grudge with Zardari. He said that he did not need an invitation to meet Zardari. All differences would sink with the implementation on CoD, he concluded Using cricket language, Nawaz Sharif said that PPP had batting after winning the toss and PML-N would help it complete the inning in a befitting manner.