LAHORE - Punjab Governor Salman Taseer on Sunday called on Ameer Jama'at-e-Islami Qazi Hussain Ahmed here at JI headquarters Mansoora to discuss the prevailing political situation in the province. The governor was accompanied by PPP leaders Qasim Zia, Tanvir Ashraf Kaira and Samiullah Khan while the JI Ameer was assisted by Liaqat Baloch, Aslam Saleemi, Hafiz Idrees, Mian Maqsood and Amirul Azeem. According to the sources, the visiting delegation urged the JI leadership to remain neutral in the PPP-PML-N tussle to form government in Punjab. Qazi said that JI did not follow the instructions of any party and it participated in the long march to support the lawyers cause. Salman Taseer said that Nawaz Sharif was informed about the government decision of restoring Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry and other judges, and that police would not stop him (Nawaz). He said that the PML-N Quaid had promised to march only up to Shahdara but he did not honour his commitment. The JI leaders said that they were unaware about any such deal. Addressing the joint press conference after the meeting, Salman Taseer said that he had come to regret and seek apology on any unpleasant incident during the long march in Lahore on March 15. He said he had exchanged some missing information regarding the present situation in Punjab. He said that he was not opposed to the alliance of any of the three parties, the PPP, PML-N and the PML-Q, but he wished that there should not be any horse-trading and MPAs should vote for the party on whose tickets they were elected. He said the government would try to amicably resolve all issues confronting the country. Being Pakistani, Muslims and political leaders it was the duty of everyone to have all differences resolved while remaining within the ambit of law and constitution, he said. He said he had also asked a committee formed under the supervision of Mr Kaira to resolve all problems of Jamiat students in the Punjab University. He made it clear that he would remain in contact with the JI in this regard. Qazi Hussain Ahmed stressed upon the need for the resolution of all issues in the country according to law, constitution and through mutual consultation. He said Pakistan could remain trouble free provided every political party and institution acted within the ambit of law and constitution, making people-friendly policies. "We want lifting of the Governor's Rule, restoration of the Assembly as per the wishes of people. There will be no need to take to the roads for resolutions of differences if mutual contacts remain intact," he said. The JI chief said Pakistan's sovereignty had been compromised and the US was even imposing its decisions on Islamabad. The JI leaders said that the JI had no political alliance with the PML-N and it would not besiege the Governor's House. "We took part in the long march not because of the PML-N but because we wanted restoration of the judges much before it. The PML-N had ditched us by taking part in the election and it single handedly ended the long march," they said. "The PML-N took U-turns when it was in the APDM and now on the issue of long march. Parliament is not our issue as we are not sitting in it. We will listen to Nawaz Sharif if he talks to us from the platform of the APDM," Amirul Azeem said. He said his party would support mid-term elections provided the judiciary and the election commission were genuinely free.