KARACHI - The elected women representatives of Sindh have divided over the proposed resolution for approaching federal government to reserve at least 33 per cent job quota for the female workers in each department/institution under administrative control of federal government as early as possible. A private resolution submitted by a lady MPA, Nusrat Sehar Abbasi of Pakistan Muslim League (Functional), which likely to be taken up by the Sindh Assembly. This resolution has been included in the business/order of the day for Tuesday. MPA Nusrat Sehar Abbasi from Opposition benches of PML-F in her private resolution urged the Sindh government to approach the federal government to reserve at least 33 per cent job opportunities for women in government sector. Previously, her resolution on same topic could not be taken up due to opposition from government benches during the SA session. When contacted by The Nation, she said: "Despite every opposition, I am committed to take it before the Sindh Assembly this time. I will contact to the women legislators from government benches to get their support, as this is purely a women related issue. I hope that women legislators from government side will support this common cause." Meanwhile, a lady MPA of PPP from Sindh, while talking to The Nation pointed out that our leader Benazir Bhutto had fixed 20 per cent job quota for women in every government sector which was enshrined in the PPP manifesto. "The present PPP government is committed to fulfill the promise made by Benazir regarding women empowerment," she added. She pointed out that the present PPP govt of Sindh has earmarked the 20pc share for women in every sector of govt which was clearly written in the advertisement for vacancies. Humera Alwani maintained that it is unfortunate that this 20pc job quota is not being filled as women candidates are not applying for vacancies in some sectors such as police. The majority of posts of lady police head constables are still vacant in all the districts of Sindh. She pointed out that 50 posts were earmarked for lady police head constables in Thatta district but only 12 women have applied for this post. The same situation has been reported in other districts of Sindh. Alwani observed that our society is a male-dominated society which does not allow women members of family to go and do work with the male colleagues. The patriarchal system allows the girl to get education but they impose restriction on women not to apply for any job. The government is facing difficulties to achieve the target of 20 per cent job quota for women in every sector of government. During this difficult time, the demand to increase the job quota to 33 per cent for women is not suitable; she said and added that all women legislators should work to achieve this target. Heer Sooho, MPA of MQM, said that the proposal to demand for earmarking 33 per cent job opportunities in every sector of government for women was a good idea. But, the party would decide about this resolution before the session of Sindh Assembly on Tuesday. "MQM is against the quota system in every sector and it advocates for merit. The resolution on same topic was rejected by Sindh Assembly," she added. Meanwhile, another MPA, Bilqees Mukhtar of MQM, said that the same resolution came on the floor of Assembly but it could not be taken up due to government's opposition. Giving her personal opinion on the issue, she said one view was that they should not limit the job quota for women, as it would affect on the talent in women. The other opinion is that when women are deprived from rights and jobs in govt sectors, than a prescribed quota should be kept for this gender, she said.