MANILA (AFP) - Philippine boxing superstar Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao said he would stick with his old television partners after his threat to switch to a rival before a megabuck Las Vegas bout sparked a legal dispute. "I seek your forgiveness if you were left confused over which station will air my Ricky Hatton fight," the four-times world champion Pacquiao said in a statement released on GMA network on Sunday. The Pacman said his camp had cleared up a contract "misunderstanding" with Solar Entertainment Corp., which owns the local broadcast rights to his fights that are aired over GMA. Pacquiao, in Los Angeles to train for his May 2 welterweight bout in Las Vegas with Britain's Hatton, had abruptly announced on Tuesday that he was rescinding the last two years of his contract with Solar and was giving ABS-CBN the rights to air the match. The much-awaited Las Vegas welterweight fight is set to become one of the richest prize fights in boxing history with an estimated 60 million dollars in combined purses and television rights. GMA and Solar had threatened Pacquiao with legal action. However, his latest statement said Solar's television rights to his bouts were "valid and binding, and nobody violated anything." "From now on I wish to concentrate fully on my training for my forthcoming May 2 fight," the boxer added. ABS-CBN stressed it had a binding contract with Pacquiao, but that it would not impede the boxer if he changed his mind. "Manny Pacquiao approached ABS-CBN to be his media partner in airing his next fights. We thank him for trusting us. He signed a contract with us, but we will not stand in the way if he decides to change his mind," it said in a statement. "We respect it, wish him good luck and we wait to hear from him." Pacquiao fights are a huge television draw in the Philippines, where police say even criminals and anti-government guerrillas take the day off to watch him.