US strategy in Pakistan and Afghanistan in recent years has not worked, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said. But Qureshi told BBC he was optimistic about President Barack Obama's 'different' approach, which is to be unveiled in coming days. He said Obama understood the global impact of success or failure in the fight against Al-Qaeda and Taliban. But the minister stressed that there should be no foreign troops or US missile strikes on Pakistani soil. "Washington is rethinking because Washington thinks that the strategy that they had adopted over the last seven to eight years has not worked," Qureshi said. "To what extent have they succeeded in Afghanistan, that is the litmus test. Forget our weaknesses, what have you done there?" the minister added. Qureshi said the fight was one 'we cannot afford to lose'. But he said he was optimistic, due to President Obama's 'different' approach. "They're listening, they're realising how important this challenge is for not just us, for this region but for the globe," he said. Pakistan's top diplomat also said that the White House had told him that Pakistan and Afghanistan were now Washington's top foreign policy priority. Qureshi also appealed for better equipment and training for Pakistan's armed forces. APP adds: Foreign Minister Makhdoom Shah Mehmood Qureshi said on Sunday that the US, Nato and other countries should focus on Pakistan's economic necessities and compulsions to successfully combat and overcome the menace of terrorism. Talking to newsmen at local airport, he said that government has finalised a report detailing Pakistan's requirements for economic stabilisation and to enhance military capabilities to counter terrorism. He said that he would advocate the case of Pakistan at the 'International Conference on Afghanistan: a comprehensive strategy in regional context' to be held in Hague on March 31. He said that the five-cluster document prepared by the government contains proposals and schemes, which if implemented can strengthen the national economy and provide relief to the people besides enhancing military's counter terrorism capabilities. For enhancing military capabilities to counter terrorism, we can seek equipment for example night vision devices or cobra helicopters if we needed, the FM said. He said Pakistan would present its requirements before the Friends of Pakistan group in a meeting to be held in Tokyo on April 17, where donors will also join the deliberations in its second session. He said that after having conducted visits to Washington, Tehran and Czech Republic, he has submitted report to the President and Prime Minister. He said that we have got a positive feedback and the world has started moving forward while coming closest to the Pakistan's point of view that terrorism problem be viewed in regional context and that a holistic approach is needed to overcome it. He said Pakistan had suggested a multi-pronged approach and US administration and lawmakers believe that this problem cannot be solved by merely use of force. He said that Nato summit will be held on April 3-4 in Brussels, where a new policy of Obama administration Foreign Minister said that Pakistan wants Iran to attend the Hague International Conference because Iran was an important country of the region and the fight against terrorism can be overcome at regional level. He said that new Obama administration has a different approach, as it wants to establish a new relationship with the Muslim world on the basis of mutual respect and interests. He said that he had asked his Iranian counterpart Manocheher Mottaki to seriously consider invitation to attend Hague Conference. He said that Pakistan wants to keep the situation stable and peaceful on its border with Iran. To a question on reported attack by Jundullah on the Iranian post, FM said, some miscreants were involved in such activities, which were creating misunderstandings. But, these miscreants were not from Pakistan as according to our information, after the attack on Iran post, they did not return towards Pakistan, FM said. He said that recently some accused wanted by Iran have been handed over to them. He said that Drug or Narco trade was financing terrorism and stressed that Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, and Central Asian Republics (CARs) should launch joint struggle to defeat this menace. He said that countless Afghan refugees were settled in Pakistan and Iran and added that Iran must be on board for regional stability. He said that Pakistan has asked Iran to expand cooperation and monthly trilateral meetings of foreign ministers of Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan have been suggested to share each others' problems and hold discussions to solve them. He said that it has also been decided to hold trilateral summit of Presidents of the three countries after every three months and foreign ministry has invited Iran and Afghan officials to prepare agenda of the trilateral summit recommendation on war against terrorism will be presented and shared with the allies. The FM said that Pakistan was making efforts for the economic assistance amid realities that the world economic recession has brought about growth and export contraction, US financial institutions facing bankruptcy and making US government offer economic stimulus worth billions of dollars. However, he added, Pakistan is hopeful of getting much needed resources to stabilise economy and for welfare of the people on April 17 in Tokyo where President Asif Ali Zardari and he himself will attend the Friends of Pakistan meeting. He said that US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has declared Pakistan and Afghanistan as priority number one of US policy and US officials and lawmakers are convinced to extend economic support to assist the democratically elected government of Pakistan overcome challenges. He said, government faced economic problems when it took over and later exceptional increase in prices of oil and subsequent economic recession in the world doubled the troubles. But, despite all this, government came up with a home grown economic stabilization plan that was endorsed by the IMF for a US$ 7.6 billion aid plan, he added. He said that the rising inflation has now started coming down due to efforts made by the government. FM said that Foreign Ministry has handed over the Indian reply in response to 30 questions raised by Pakistan to the Interior Ministry and added that he will comment on it only after investigators study it completely. He disclosed he would leave for Moscow on March 25 to attend Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) meeting. He said Pakistan would be able to interact with Russain leaders after a long gap adding that he will hold bilateral and trilateral meetings with the Foreign Ministers of Russia and Central Asian Republics to strengthen relations and expand cooperation.