PETE Doherty says Paris inspired his new solo album. The former Libertines singer wrote the majority of LP Grace/Wastelands in the French capital, and says the city spurred him on to produce some of his best songs to date. British-born Pete said: "Paris has a strangely inspirational effect on me. I always write when I'm in Paris, I've written some of my best songs there. It's definitely a new era, a new way of doing things." Pete, who turned 30 last week, says the album tells the story of his life so far - which has included spells in prison, a relationship with supermodel Kate Moss, and a long battle against drugs. He added: "There are all kinds of memories in there. Good times, bad times, past romances, time in prisons, times of youthful exuberance, cold dawns, warm evenings." "We change as we get older. I suppose we all adopt different guises, but this is natural, I'm fully exposed this time." Meanwhile Pete defied an 11 pm curfew at a show in Southampton, U.K., on Sunday. He played for an extra 25 minutes in the dark, after promoters turned the lights off in the venue, much to the delight of fans. -EXPO