KARACHI - The newly appointed PPP's Central Information Secretary Fouzia Wahab PPP charged the PML-N top leadership of conspiring against PPP to create divisions in the party, and asked to avoid such confronting policies of 90s which can disturb the democratic set up in the country. Having her first interaction with the Karachi Press after taking charge as PPP's Central Information Secretary, she talked on many issues and made her stance very clear that PPP is united under its leadership and there is no division in the party. On a question whether PM visited Raiwind on his own will, she said that it was baseless to say that PM himself taking initiatives to resolve the confrontation. She said that PM and the President have no conflicts. She told the media that Raza Rabbani is still a member of PPP and he has been involved in the decision-making process, while there are some issues regarding Naheed Khan, Safdar Abbasi, and Aitezaz Ahsan, but the party will soon handle these issues plausibly. Moreover, no resolution has been filed against the leadership in the party, and it shows that the party is united, she said. About the resignation of Sherry Rehman, she said that Sherry was asked to resign and was offered some another ministry, but she preferred to resign, however, it is not true that she resigned on principles. "PPP believes in the politics of reconciliation, and PM's visit to Raiwind to resolve the issues is evidence for that," she added. Asked if Salman Taseer has been created problems for the party, she said Taseer had acted true to his office in this crisis. She said Salman was being targeted deliberately, and his character assassination was done so ruthlessly during the crisis. Fauzia said: "PPP is not feeling sorry for delaying restoration of deposed justices, and it is also not true that we assured former CJ Dogar of his tenure extension. However, we inherited a CJ, therefore, it was not possible for our government to have another chief justice at the same time." To a question, she said Pakistan Steel Mills was not a loss leader and it was running successfully with proper profit margin, adding that the issue of Pakistan Steel Mills' terminated employees is still in the pipeline which will be considered soon. About IPI gas pipeline pact she said: "We don't have any US pressure regarding the matter, and if such is a case we can sustain that pressure as we are running a democratic government." Regarding the energy crisis in the country she told the media that no investment has been made in the energy sector since 1997, thus the crisis are getting worse day by day. "We have devised two projects of 350MW and 450MW to tender the energy crisis which will be completed till September 2009," she added. Commenting on media's role, she emphasised that media should play a positive role and stop showing horrifying scenes on screen. APP adds: To another question, she said Charter of Democracy (CoD), was signed between two parties, which, she said will be implemented in case of working relationship between the two sides. She said that the next chief minister of the Punjab would belong from the party which shows the majority. Among other notables, PPP leader Saeed Ghani was also present on the occasion.