Unexpected developments are taking place in Pakistan which are quite opposite to the popular wisdom. In one such development, most historic though, deposed CJ Iftikhar Ch. has been restored to his majestic office and has even started performing as Chief Justice of Pakistan as the heroic struggle launched by the lawyers and political activists came to its successful ending. Not many people believed in the heart of their hearts that the CJ would be reinstated even couple of days before the long march. Before that impression was created as if President Zardari was the main hurdle in the way of restoration. Even the statements attributed to him suggested that he would fight till the end, making it clear that he would not restore the CJ. As such full-fledged restoration without any clipping of wings or strings attached was most miraculous. Not even his tenure curtailed but all the judges deposed on November 3 were restored, as demanded by the lawyers. But then it all happened when Nawaz Sharif set his foot out on March 15 of his Model Town residence for one of most important journeys of his life, sure to determine his place in the country. The Lahorites wrote a new history on the fateful day. Thousands of people joined Nawaz Sharif as he left for the Constitutional Avenue. The turn out of the people was so huge on this occasion that even for Nawaz Sharif, it was incredible. More surprisingly every section of society kids, women, and elderly people participated in the show and not just the political workers and lawyers. The participants were more committed than ever, ever ready to face danger, ready to brave the entire security cordon thrown around the city by the government to reach their final destination. We see in this movement and subsequent long march the character of political worker changing. One found them ready for political struggle and face odds associated with such struggles. Before the workers, especially from PML were more attuned to stay on the right side of the power equation, avoiding movements that are fraught with risk to their well-being. We also saw that political leadership putting together a successful show with people coming out on their call in huge numbers. These were the people earlier disinterested in politics and political leadership. But this time they heeded their calls and responded with full vigour. Here TV channels played most vital role. They not only spread the message of leaders but also mould public opinion in their favour quite successfully. After a long time we witnessed political leadership spearheading a movement on their own to its logical culmination without any crutches, often provided by the Establishment and agencies working for it. Hats off to the lawyers who kept the flame of their cause alight against all odds, and never let it extinguish since the CJ was deposed by military dictator Musharraf, making no compromises as has been our tradition. Since his removal, the lawyers never sat peacefully. They never missed an opportunity to show their solidarity with the Chief, registering their protest country-wide every Thursday no matter which government was in office and what measures it adopted to stop the lawyers from gathering at the Mall. Their commitment to the cause was most legendary. The people never saw anything like that before. Again on March 15 it was the legal fraternity which took the lead and started the march on the Mall. The police tried to repulse them with third degree methods but to no avail before the commitment of the lawyers. The crowd was thin then, though transforming into a big one slowly and steadily. This time Nawaz Sharif made the difference. As soon as he came out of his residence crowded and packed with the party workers, defying his detention order, it was no hold barred like situation. The crowd kept building, with people pouring in from all directions. .As Nawaz's rally reached Ichra, it defied all calculations. It was a huge rally stretched up to miles. Interestingly, while the police was damn aggressive in the morning shelling tear gas on the lawyers and political workers without any provocation. But when Nawaz started out, all the security measures got melted away or rolled back by the police itself. By the time Nawaz Nawaz left Lahore, he was in total control of the show. He had not crossed Gujrawala that the government realising the gravity of the situation conceded to the lawyers' demands as announced by the Prime Minister in his early morning speech after hectic consultation with all the stake holders without creating any fuss as being expected. The march brought the leaders of PPP and PML (N) face to face. The confrontation between them heightened as the march drew closure. Experts painted the darkest scenario as the two sides pitted against each other. But unexpectedly the country came out of this crisis unscathed, rather strengthened. The international community even acclaimed the restoration through a peaceful struggle. More surprisingly as the deposed judges are restored talks of an early rapprochement between the PPP and PML(N) leaders has been going in full swing in the country at the moment. Those who witnessed the two sides fighting it out never thought that they would ever come together again or revive their alliance. Probably, nothing is impossible in this land of the pure. E-mail: nadeemsyed@nation.com.pk