The dramatic end to the Long March at Gujranwala, mission accomplished, gave a super star status to Mian Nawaz Sharif. But what about Imran Khan who also provided the Black Coats a political market place, literally missing the bus. Apparently Imran was holed up at a secret location in Islamabad, dodging arrest and waiting for marchers to arrive. It was here that he planned to liven up the Dharna with the catchiest slogans and quotable quotes. Well, the early end to the Long March cut short that innings and the ambition to emerge as a saviour. * * * * * * * * * * * Demonstrators and cops are said to be as different as chalk and cheese but not this 16th March at Lahore GPO Square. Between sloganeering, tear gassing and lathi charges, an interesting exchange took place between activists and cops. Women marchers were overheard telling cops "Hand in your caps and belts and join us." Cops were heard replying "We want to but who will look after our families". One bunch of cops, exhausted after pelting tear gas at the crowd, sad down on the pavement and assured demonstrators "We are with you in spirit." Not as different as chalk and cheese after all. * * * * * * * * * * * Fresh from the awareness raising Long March experience, Lahorites were ready to take on anyone. On Friday evening many found themselves stranded at a traffic jam along the canal. When informed by traffic cops that this was in anticipation of a VVIP motorcade, the crowd became frenzied. Motorists and motorcyclists started honking in unison and belting slogans against Punjab's top honcho. Twenty minutes later the motorcade appeared. It was not the Guv. It was Mian Nawaz Sharif with his newly provided PM security status, making his way to the Raiwind residence.