RAWALPINDI - Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) Managing Director (MD) Akram Soban has said that the agency is working on three different projects to cater the need of drinking water of citizens.

The three projects included supply from Indus River, construction of a local dam and digging up more tube-wells in a bid to provide potable water to the residents of Rawalpindi, he added. 

He stated this while addressing a seminar held in connection with the World Water Day here on Thursday. On the occasion, Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) Director General (DG) Chaudhry Naseer Ahmed and many other officials were also present.

WADA MD Akram Soban, while highlighting the details of the projects, said that in the first project they had been working with Capital Development Authority (CDA) to get water from Indus River. Rawalpindi would get 400 million gallons water everyday in the next summer after the completion of the project, he asserted.

He said that in the second case the process of acquiring land for Chirah Dam was underway. After the completion of the dam, the city residents would get 15 million gallons of water every day, he added.

The third project was about digging up 12 more tube-wells in the village of Sohan where already seven tube wells had been working, he said adding that if the three projects were completed the water needs for Rawalpindi would be fulfilled for next 50 years.

RDA DG Chaudhry Naseer Ahmed, addressing the seminar, urged on WASA to further improve its quality of water supply. He said that WASA Rawalpindi was one of the best water agencies in Punjab as far as quality of drinking water was concerned.

Naseer said that keeping in mind the problem of decrease in drinking water worldwide the international organizations in 2006 decided to address the issue and ensure provision of fresh and clean drinking water to half of the world population. They had, however, failed to achieve the targets so far primarily owing to changes in environment of the world, he added.