LAHORE – Speakers at different sittings, held here in the City in connection with the World Water Day, unanimously voiced their anger against water aggression by India and held her responsible for destroying to make Pakistani land barren. They also asked Islamabad to take up the issue with New Delhi on the war footing and also build water reservoirs in the vast interest of its subjects.

Engineer Bashir Malik, an expert of agriculture, Sultan Ali Chaudhary, former Indus Water Commissioner, Jamaat Ali Shah and other speakers attended the sittings.

“Pakistan is left with no option but to take her complaint urgently to the UN Security Council for the protection of human rights of over 180 million people and safety of their country to stop India building high dams on Western Rivers. For the survival of Pakistan, a task force comprising experts of Punjab Irrigation, international law and senior diplomats having experience of working in UN Security Council be formed and be backed by the Ministry of Water and Power and Indus Water Commissioner of Pakistan,” said Engr. Bashir A. Malik. He is a former Chief Technical Advisor to the UN and World Bank and Chairman of Save Water Save Pakistan Forum.

He was addressing a seminar organized by TECH Club on World Water Day 2012. Mr. Malik also told that India was using Indus Water Treaty as an Indian weapon of water war against Pakistan. She can devastate Pakistani areas by stopping water or flooding them at any time without using a missile or bomb, he added. Malik said that at the time of signing the Indus Water Treaty, Pakistan’s President Ayub Khan had expressed the hope that our outstanding problems like Kashmir would also be resolved amicably. “But how sad it is that even after over sixty years, peace in the region and the Kashmir issue remain as elusive as ever.” Regarding economic development, he said, India did develop immensely. “For example, Indian state of Rajisthan prior to the Treaty was but a burning desert and host to shifting sands, dunes, snails and snakes. Today, it is a thriving region resplendent with vistas of waving green fields, orchards and new towns humming with life,” Mr. Bashir pinpointed. “It is one of the miracles of Pakistan’s water share of eastern rivers unjustly given to India.”

Insofar as Pakistan was concerned, large tracts of her once irrigated land were on the verge of turning into barren wastes for want of water. In short the Treaty was all gain for India. For Pakistan it is a nightmare of unremitting losses for posterity. It is well over a year that the US Senate Committee report regarding construction of 190 dams by India on our Western Rivers appeared in banner headlines in the press. But not a whimper in protest was heard neither from President or Prime Minister neither from any of the army of their over 90 ministers, advisors and top government functionaries, Engr. Bashir complained. How callous has been the government in Islamabad to reward India by the grant of Most Favoured Nation (MFN) status? he expressed.

Engr. Abdul Majeed Khan, President TECH Society, Engr. Shafqat Masood, Former Chairman IRSA, Engr. Mansoor Ahmed, Former MD Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission Foundation, Justice (Retd) Nasira Iqbal, Dr. Muhammad Sadiq, Agricultural Scientist and Zubair Sheikh President TECH Club also spoke on this occasion. The other ceremony was held under the aegis of Kissan Board which was addressed by Sultan Ali Chaudhary, Jamaat Ali Shah and other speakers.