PESHAWAR - Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Governor, Barrister Masood Kausar on Thursday said that terrorism was not only a big challenge but also a stumbling block in the way of maintaining peace and making development, adding that they must stand against it with full might so as to get rid of it.

“The soon we succeed in defeating the terrorists, the better it will be for the socio-economic development and national prosperity,” he said while addressing a condolence reference held to pay homage to Jamal Azmat Khattak, APA Mir Ali, who embraced martyrdom in a terrorist attack while sitting in his office in Mir Ali, North Waziristan Agency early this month. Fata parliamentarians, tribal elders, relatives of Shaheed officer, commissioners, political agents, ACS Fata and officials of Fata Secretariat and Governor’s Secretariat attended the reference, held at Governor’s House here on Thursday.

The governor on this occasion announced a number of perks and privileges for the family of Shaheed Jamal Khattak including announcement of Rs 5 million as compensation, plot worth Rs 5 million, payment of full salary till the date of retirement and payment of full pension afterward, official residence and free medical treatment to the family members. The educational expenses of the children of Shaheed officer would also be borne by the government, whereas his name has been recommended for the national gallantry award - Tamgha-e-Shujaat.

The governor said that terrorism attack on a serving and on-duty officer Jamalk Khattak was not an ordinary incident, as the government had taken a serious view of it. “I have already ordered a thorough enquiry to ascertain the causes and identify the culprits so that they could be awarded exemplary punishment,” he said, adding that enquiry would be completed soon. The governor said that the government would never let its competent, brave and committed officers fall prey to terrorism. “We will ensure that such incidents do not repeat,” he maintained. The governor said that the government would provide every support to the families of all those government officials, who had laid down their lives in the line of duty for the national cause. 

Governor Masood Kausar said that Fata had been put on democratic path and now the ballot not the bullet would change the fate of Fata. “Change in Fata will now come only with the consent of Fata people and in the democratic way and those who want to impose their own agenda on Fata people through use of force will never succeed”, the governor said. He said that the tribal people were fully committed against terrorism because it was against their psyche and traditions.

“Tribal people are peace loving and loyal to the country and have offered valuable sacrifices for the country. “It is because of these sacrifices that we have achieved tremendous success against terrorist elements”, he said. The Governor called upon the tribal elders to rise to the occasion and play their role for peace and stability in their respective areas.

He said that war against terror was not a war to be battled only by the armed forces and civil administration. It is a national war and its support is binding on every individual”.

He said that terrorism had negatively affected the entire fabric of tribal society. “It has maligned the tribal areas as well as the tribal people and we have to improve the overall image of Fata in its true perspective.”

Haji Munir Orakzai MNA, Malik Moulvi Hassamuddin, Uncle of Jamal Shaheed Salizad Khan and Political Agent Yahya Akhunzada also spoke on the occasion and paid rich tributes to Jamal Khattak Shaheed.

Earlier, the governor handed over a cheque for Rs 10 million to Salizad Khan, the uncle of Jamal Khattak Shaheed. Collective prayers were also offered for Jamal Khattak and other martyrs.