PESHAWAR - Leaders of the self-introduced Tehreek-e-Mutasireen Bara, Khyber Agency, have demanded of the government to give the IDPs status to tribal families displaced from operation-affected Bara areas and stop the ongoing military operation therein.  

“The human rights are being violated in the agency during migration of the war affectees to settled areas,” Sohail Khan Afridi, general secretary of the movement, said while addressing a news conference here at press club on Thursday. He alleged that men of the dislocated families were being stopped and tortured by security forces personnel and police, while the rest of members were harassed.

Afridi added that the so-called operation and aimless curfew had been troubling to the lives of the tribesmen during the last three years. He said thousands of persons had left their houses and taken shelter in makeshift camps at Jalozai and in settled areas of Peshawar. Afridi lamented that despite the miseries facing the tribesmen no IDPs status had been given to the affectees, which is a step-motherly attitude of the incumbent rulers with them, he blamed.  

On the occasion, Haris Khan vice chairman of the movement, alleged that they were compelled to leave their homes ruined but here no basic facility of daily usage being provided to them. In the Jalozai camp, he maintained, we were facing numerous miseries and sufferings but here government officials for registration of the war-affected families demands bribes to get their registration, and provision of essential commodities to them.

They demanded of the government to resolve issues of the agency through negotiations, extend relief package and provide essential commodities to the affectees at makeshift camps.