RAWALPINDI - The residents of twin cities Rawalpindi-Islamabad have no option except to drink filthy and contaminated water, which posing serious threats to their health, said speakers on World Water Day.

This was said by the Speakers at a special conference held on Thursday to mark the World Water Day have lashed out at civic bodies of Rawalpindi and Islamabad for what they said.

The Global Peace Foundation arranged the conference with the collaboration of Human Rights, Environment and Landscape Protection Forum (HELP FORUM) in a local hotel.

GPF Chairman Haji Mohammad Gulzar Awan, HELP FORUM Think Tank member Sanaullah Akhter, President HELP FORUM T. M. Jan, Vice President Nisar Chaudhry, Irshad-ul-Haq, Dr. Hafiz Mohammad Matie Ullah, Noreen Khan, and a large number of other people were present on the occasion.

Hajid Mohammad Gulzar Awan said the residents of the twin cities were facing great threats to their health as the water being supplied them from Rawal Dam become heavily polluted by a number of inflow of sewage and waste-water.

“More than five million gallons of dirty and raw sewage flows into the reservoir of Rawal Dam daily posing serious threat to the health of residents”, he mentioned saying more that seeped out water distribution pipelines also added the value of contamination in drinking water. He stressed the need of changing the lines and installation of new and up-to-date water treatment plant before the main distribution channel.

HELP FORUM CEC member Sanaullah Akhtar said the residents of twin cities had been facing severe water shortage in summers since last many years and despite tall claims by civic authorities and successive governments, no any new dam was constructed yet. Construction of Daducha and Chirah Dams could not be materialized yet even after the laps of 10 year about which the authorities concerned raised high hopes and claims.

T. M. Jan, while expressing his views on this occasion said there were two areas to be done away with by the governments and civic authorities. “All the main contributors of pollution in dam water should be stopped by law and new water reservoirs be constructed on emergent basis to overcome the problems”, he added.

He further said the rising housing societies, not less than 30 in number at present and more than 104 poultry farms around the dam in hilly areas exacerbating the situation but the concerned authorities did not pay any heed towards this serious matter.

He said the HELP FORUM would submit a proposal to CDA, WASA and federal and Punjab governments for initiating a project of cleaning the inflows and picking the dead animals and refuses of all kinds from the catchments areas of Rawal Dam to lessen the pollution as these deadly and poisonous material flows into the dam with rain water.

He said some 2 years back, the Rawalpindi Environmental Improvement Project (REIP) checked the water quality of Rawal Dam and it was revealed that the water contained high quantity of phosphate and sulphate, which was very dangerous for health. He further mentioned that water quality of the dam was deteriorating with the passage of every day and there was a dire need of shouldering the responsibilities rested on the shoulders of government, civic bodies and civil society organizations to safe the masses from falling prey of diseases.