KARACHI - Pakistan Council for Science and Technology (PCST), Islamabad has declared Prof Dr Attaur Rehman, former chairman of the Higher Education Commission, and Prof Dr Muhammad Iqbal Chaudhry, director International Centre for Chemical and Biological Sciences (ICCBS), KU, the most productive scientists of the country.

The PCST, in its sixth directory titled “Productive Scientists of Pakistan 2011”, has ranked these two great scientists in the top first and second among 1,109 productive scientists of Pakistan, employed in public/private sector Universities, colleges and R& D organisations.

The scientists were ranked according to their contributions in research, supervision of students and any other productive work during the period of 1960-2008.

An official of the ICCBS said that the scoring system takes into account different factors from which the academic status and output of scientists and engineers were judged. These include research publications at national and international level, books written or edited, supervision of PhD, MPhil or MSc students, international awards, research grants won, impact factor of the journals in which the research papers were published, citation figures for the papers that were published in science citation index.

In the field of Chemistry, Dr Atta and Dr Iqbal Chaudhry have lead over 1,109 productive scientists of Pakistan, he said.

Six more scientists of HEJ Research Institute of Chemistry, KU are included among the top ten scientists of the country in Chemistry. The names of these scientists included Prof Dr Viqar Uddin Ahmed (ranked 3rd), Prof Dr Bina Shaheen Siddiqui (4th), Prof Dr Abdul Malik (5th), Prof Dr Muhammad Khalid Khan (7th), Prof Dr Shaheen Faizi (8th) and Sabira Begum (10th).

On the other hand, there are more seven scientists of the ICCBS who are included in the list of chemistry scientists, prepared by the PCST. Names of these scientists included Dr Shaiq Ali (14), Dr Attiya Abbasi (27), Dr Faryal Vali Muhammad (67), Dr Raza Shah (71), Dr Iftikhar Imam Naqvi (109), Dr Zaheerul Haq (112) and Dr Sabira Naqvi (175).

KU VC Prof Dr Muhammad Qaiser has congratulated these scientists on their great achievements.