ISLAMABAD - The fruit and vegetable market in federal capital is facing sanitation problems owing to negligence of the concerned authorities.

The merchants claimed that more than 100 sanitary workers of the civic body have been assigned to keep the market clean but they are not coming on regular basis.  The fruit market, loudly speaks about the poor management of the concerned authorities despite registration of several complaints by the visitors and merchants.  Rehmat Khan, a merchant said that the cleanliness staff not come on regular basis for cleaning the market, adding that the concerned authorities should take proper steps for cleaning it which is presenting bad view owing to garbages and poor sanitation problems.

Dr. Zain-ud-Din a local medical practitioner said that clean atmosphere is very essential for fruit and vegetable, adding that careless attitude can cause diseases like pneumonia, skin and appetite. He said that the authorities must ensure cleanliness situation in fruit market to avoid any kind of infestation.

An official of CDA claimed that the concerned staff is visiting the bazaar regularly for cleanliness. He informed that CDA has planned to develop a state-of-art fruit, vegetable and flower market on 54 acres at Sangjani, near GT Road. He said the purpose of such a well equipped market project is to meet day-to-day needs of the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.