An Indian Ordnance Factory is all set to enhance its manufacturing capacity of Pinaka rockets from the present 1,000 rockets to 5,000 every year for the Indian Army, Indian media has reported. 'Pinaka rocket is one of the major projects (of the OFAJ). The multiple rocket launcher has successfully been indigenised and production of Pinaka rocket is in association with the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO),' PTI reported quoting official sources as said in Nagpur. 'Pinaka rocket is operable at extreme conditions of temperature ranging from -10 degree centigrade to 55 degree centigrade. These rockets, with a payload of 100 kgs, have a striking range of 40 kms and can bring devastation around 500 kms of surrounding areas of the target. It has already been tested and inducted into the arsenal of the Indian Army. It is a mammoth project of the Ambajhari Ordnance Factory,' they said. Very soon, construction work would commence for the extension project of Pinaka. Each Pinaka battery consists of six launcher vehicles, each with 12 rockets, six loader-cum replenishment vehicles, two command post vehicles with a fire control computer and radar. According to sources, AN-32 Platform system is another important milestone in the history of OFAJ and the first batch of OFAJ's indigenously produced AN-32 Platform was handed over to the Indian Army in July last year.