DUBAI  - Pakistan Muslim League-N chief Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has said he is ready to appear before the Supreme Court if summoned in the 1996 Asghar Khan’s case pertaining to distribution of huge money by the ISI among politicians at that time to keep PPP away from power corridors.

The PML-N president, speaking to media, lamented had there been no dictatorship in Pakistan, the country would have become an Asian tiger.

“Government is violating the court orders and emulating the precedents of former dictatorial regime,” he said, adding, the rulers should honour and implement orders of the courts.

He was of the opinion that if referendum was arranged over the current standoff between the judiciary and the executive, majority would hold the government responsible for all the mayhem.

He emphasised that the rulers should honour and implement judgments of the courts.

The courts which favoured martial laws were equally responsible for derailing democracy in the country, he said and demanded that violators of the constitution should be punished accordingly.

However, he maintained, the world was changing and there was no scope for martial law regimes in the country.

Taking pride of his regime, he claimed his government had broken the begging bowl while present rulers were begging before the world.

To a question he said the Bengali’s had helped build Pakistan but they were treated unfairly.

He said PML-N did not take money from agencies and expressed his concern that Pakistan was left alone in the world due to incompetence of the rulers.

He said that people should be careful about those trying to impede Pakistan’s path to prosperity.