ISLAMABAD - Pakistan’s powerful Parliament should take up the matter of Baloch separatists, who have taken refuge in the European countries and using their soils for anti-Pakistan activities, as the foremost national security issue while discussing national security and foreign policy.

Background interviews and discussions with defence and foreign policy analysts suggest that the Parliament should raise the issue and make mandatory for the government to seek written guarantees from those European and western countries whose soils are being used for anti-Pakistan activities.

Sources said the Parliament should also push the government to seek guarantees from the United States, Afghanistan, India and others that they fully respected Pakistan territorial sovereignty and had no covert role in destabilising Balochistan.

Sources said the Parliament should not ignore activities of the self-exiled Baloch separatists as it directly undermined Pakistan’s security interest. They were of the view that Pakistan should not ignore this grey area overwhelmed with foreign connections; therefore, the Parliament must also take it up as national duty to seek written guarantees from the United States and its Nato allies, which had their troops operating in Afghanistan.

Sources pointed out that the forty recommendations firmed up by the Parliamentary Committee on the National Security were largely based on the situation emanating from the Nato’s 26 November attack on Salala checkpost, whereas the major security challenges relating Balochistan got attention afterward, warranting immediate consideration of the Parliament and the PPP-led ruling alliance.

“Indian covert support to the Baloch separatists as well as US threats and lenient policy of certain European countries to give free hand to the Baloch living and using their soils for anti-Pakistan activities should be debated threadbare”, source said.

They were of the opinion that without debating the situation in Balochistan and its pros and corns on the national security, the entire exercise would remain meaningless.