LAHORE – The state of the writ of the government in Punjab is similar to that in Blochistan. The criminals are enjoying liberty and threatening their victims (complainants). This is happening due to the negligence of the police and the executive in the Punjab. This was observed by the Supreme Court here on Thursday.

“The cruelty and injustice are happening repeatedly in the province. The Punjab chief minister, we (the judges), the police and other top government officials are responsible for that,” Justice Jawwad S. Khawaja remarked while hearing four difference criminal cases.

In a suo moto case, of Samina Akhtar, a gang-rapped victim, the Faisalabad police could not produce the ringleader, namely Asghar Ali, reportedly a friend of Rana Sana, before the court on Thursday. “Nothing will happen practically until top police officers show interest in their duties and responsibilities,” the court observed.