There is pin drop silence on the part of the PPP government in response to the many editorials and letters in the Nation on the necessity of building Kalabagh dam. That the government has not issued any rejoinder implies that it agrees with what is being said. Then what is holding back the government from acting on the advice being given by the experts. The only reason could be that the government lacks the moral courage to go to the people of Sindh and tell them the truth, that contrary to what they have been told in the past Sindh will not become a desert if Kalabagh dam is built but there is every danger of Sindh becoming a desert if Kalabagh dam is not built. Will the PPP government keep playing politics while the country and its 18 crore people wait for the hunger and poverty that lies in store for them. The PM who says he is the prime minister and not a peon should act like a prime minister and not like a peon who is not prepared to go beyond making inane statements about Kalabagh dam having been politicised.


Lahore, March 21.