ISLAMABAD  - President Asif Ali Zardari Thursday approved the nominations of Justice (r) Shaikh Ahmad Farooq and Justice (r) Muhammad Jehangir Arshad for confirmation as the Federal Shariat Court (FSC) judges for a period of two years.

The summary received by the President from the premiere said that after due consideration by the Judicial Commission and then by the Parliamentary Committee on the Judges Appointment in the superior courts, the above nominations were forwarded to the PM. Hence, the President, acting upon the advice of the PM, accorded the approval.

The President also approved the appointment of five Additional judges in LHC. The newly-appointed judges were included Abul Sami Khan, Ibadur-Rehman Lodhi, Shujaat Ali Khan, Ayesha A Malik and Shaikh Shahid Waheed. These nominations were also forwarded through the PM to the President by the committee in the superior courts.