Russell Brand has given £400 to a homeless man. The 36-year-old ‘Arthur’ star - who is waiting for his divorce from Katy Perry to be finalised - reportedly saw the man was down on his luck and decided to help him out. A source told the Daily Star newspaper: ‘’Russ decided to do something charitable. He met a homeless guy on Hollywood Boulevard, just around the corner from the home he shared with Katy Perry. Russ was with his new girlfriend and they struck up a conversation with the guy. After chatting for a few minutes he decided he wanted to get him a roof over his head for a few nights. So he went over the road and withdrew £400 for him. When Russell handed over the wad of cash, the fella had tears in his eyes. Russ told him to spend it wisely and to make sure he says ‘Hello’ if they ever cross paths again.’’ Meanwhile, the comedian has introduced mum Barbara to new girlfriend, model Nikolett Barabas.