As always China has once again expressed total and open support to Pakistan’s nuclear programme and pledged that civil nuclear cooperation with Islamabad would continue uninterrupted despite international concerns. Beijing also said that it would provide Pakistan nuclear reactors to enable it to meet its energy requirements. The Director of Chinese Foreign Ministry’s Asian Affairs, at a briefing session, said that despite international community’s apprehensions that Pakistan’s nuclear assets could fall into the hands of terrorists, China would continue to cooperate with its closest neighbour in the field of nuclear technology. Without mincing his words, he said China was fully aware that at the proposed conference in South Korean capital Seoul, the issue of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenals’ accessibility to militants would be raised. “We wish to make it clear to all concerned that China believes that Pakistan’s nuclear assets are under very effective command and control system”, the Director spoke in categorical terms. Such a solid support from one of the emerging superpower is invaluable and, indeed, is welcome. As far as Western powers, Israel and India are concerned they had all along been opposing Pakistan’s peaceful nuclear programme aimed at producing energy to meet its national needs. It was India that detonated nuclear blasts, leaving Pakistan was left with no option but to respond. Instead of condemning New Delhi, the US preferred to gift it a civil nuclear deal, without India signing the NPT. Thank you Beijing for standing by us.