It is a bitter reality that a country which was created in the name of ideology failed to achieve the destiny laid down by its founders, who with vigorous struggles and spirits secured the country for their future generation. In such a scenario, a progressive and liberal interpretation of religion, which was the main uniting force behind the creation of Pakistan, would help make the country strong and lead to its development.

Pakistani youth of today seems to be simply unaware and ignorant of the historical background of the creation of Pakistan. The reason is that our Syllabus is not updated with the passage of time and consists of theories which are still controversial today.

The younger generation is unaware of its roots, moral values, and the splendid past which we have all inherited from our forefathers, the struggle and the eventual achievement of Pakistan as a homeland for the Muslims of Subcontinent. All this information printed in the text books or guide books focus on getting ‘good marks’ in the exam. On 23rd March, the day on which the historical resolution to demand a separate homeland was passed, needs to be presented in an interesting manner and friendly interactions. We need to educate our children about our history before they become distant from their values, history, and religion background.

Children today will very easily tell you who won the latest round of the ‘Big Boss’ , 'Nach Baliye' , the leading singer of the program 'Jo Jeeta Wohi Superstar', 'Chhote Ustad' and any number of other such programs, but are totally blank when questioned about who presented the Pakistan Resolution or when the Poet of East Allama Iqbal died. The children of today know when, how and why Valentine's Day is celebrated, they can talk to you in detail about Halloween celebrations, the traditions regarding the celebration of Holi, Basant and any number of other festivals, but whenever they are asked about their own culture and traditions, they are totally ignorant and silent.

Judging by the way youth enjoy celebrating other traditions, it becomes necessary for us to think why our youth has become so indifferent to everything, whether from the past or the present that had once been a source of national pride. Why are they so eager to celebrate every new festival made available to them whether it's Basant or Valentine and Holi?

It is a sad reality that even after many changes in the government, the people of Pakistan could not get any relief. The simple reason is that none of the government has ever tried to address their problems and grievances with sincerity and honesty. Moreover, the masses also have no say in any issue or decision of national significance. In such a scenario where the basic problems and needs of the people are not met, how can we expect the masses to actively participate in the political process? It is but obvious that the people are bound to be indifferent towards the government or may be this is what the successive governments wanted so that they could live according to their whims.

Special importance should be given to 23 March. Quizzes, debate competitions, lectures, seminars, discussions, singing competitions should held at the educational institutes to commemorate this important day. Heads of various institutions, high-ranking government officials, even people who had lived through the times of the Pakistan Movement, should be invited at these events to make students realize about their historic past.

Power of youth in any society can not be overemphasized. The roots of youth speak of its dynamism that was full of zeal and vigour. That youth was certainly led by the exemplary leader ship who was selfless and patriot. Our present youth is not lacking in moral values but the only dilemma they are facing is, they have derth of sincere leaders. There are no forums for the eager youth where they can get together, discuss day to day problems and join their heads for reaching to any positive solution.

Mobile companies and cable operators can also play their due role in youth motivation by helping them gather the historical pictures and photographs, tickets & coin collection can also be a source of motivation. Text messages related to the historical aspects of Pakistan can be circulated to make students and commoners aware about Pakistan. The clips from the freedom movement should be shown. The recorded speeches can be circulated and made accessible to them.

Our youth can bring laurels if they are put on the right track and proper guidance is given at the required nick of time.