GENEVA - The UN Human Rights Council on Thursday extended the mandates of investigators on Iran and North Korea for a year, to the consternation of Tehran and Pyongyang. The resolution on Iran calls on Tehran to cooperate with the investigator and to allow access into the country. But Iran slammed the move, saying that some countries were “abusing” the council “to advance their narrow political agenda.” “We must not allow this political game to continue,” said an Iranian envoy. Likewise, the EU-led resolution against North Korea seeks Pyongyang’s cooperation in facilitating access to the UN-mandated investigator.”

 but was dismissed by North Korea’s envoy as a “product of political confrontation.”

“The EU pursues insidious political purposes following the deep rooted hostile policies of the United States,” charged a North Korean envoy.

Nevertheless, the resolution, which also expresses alarm at the “precarious humanitarian situation in the country, exacerbated by its national policy priorities,” was adopted without a vote.