ISLAMABAD - The United Nations’ (UN) World Meteorological Day will be observed on March 23 across the world including Pakistan to remember the World Meteorological Organization’s establishment on that date in 1950.

The theme of World Meteorological Day 2012 will be: “Powering our future with weather, climate and water”.

The theme is to illustrate the benefits of climate predictions for the optimal management of resources in different sectors including renewable energy and water management.

The World Meteorological Day often features various events such as conferences, symposia and exhibitions for meteorological professionals, community leaders and the general public. Some events aim to attract media attention to raise meteorology’s profile.

The International Meteorological Organization was established at the first International Meteorological Congress in Vienna, Austria, in 1873.

The organization aimed to establish meteorological station networks.

These networks were linked by telegraph and improved weather forecasts. This contributed to shipping services’ safety and efficiency.

The International Meteorological Organization became the World Meteorological Organization on March 23, 1950. It became the UN’s specialized agency for meteorology, operational hydrology and related geophysical sciences in 1951.