Now that the ECP, duly supported by the SC, has been able to get the nomination forms printed with the changes that it wanted in them, the clever politicians are bound to think of means and measures to thwart its full implementation. Their very first step in this direction was to deny the ECP the 30 day scrutiny period asked by it to scrutinize more than 10,000 applicants thousands of particulars in detail. It is, therefore, suggested that the contestants should be asked to e-file their applications along with all the supporting documents like tax returns, bank statements, bank loan papers, travel tickets and other documents, utility bills, cars and vehicles registrations etc, which should all be immediately uploaded on the ECP website for all to see. Anyone detecting any discrepancy, inaccuracy, false or fake statements and documents could immediately draw ECP’s attention for its detailed scrutiny. This can assist the ECP tremendously in scrutinizing the particulars of the applicants in the shortest possible time.


Rawalpindi, March 16.