Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan Saturday addressing a huge public rally at Minar-e-Pakistan vowed to be truthful and loyal with them even after assuming powers following the general election.

Addressing tens of thousands of the party associates, workers and general public, the PTI chief six promises to be fulfilled after coming to power, he would make only those promises which he could implement.

He promised to fight to end oppression from the country. “I will remain in the country and will keep all my wealth in country also,” stated Khan while making third promise.

He said he will not follow the politics of dynasty and will not take undue advantages after coming into power. “I will never try to write off bank loans.”

As his fifth promise, the PTI chief said that he will protect public’s hard earned tax money and will make sure that it is not spent on governor and CM houses.

“We will break walls of these palaces after assuming power and will build libraries and schools instead,” he added.

“We will stand with overseas Pakistanis and will protect their rights,” Khan made his sixth promise.

After over a decade of trying to gain a foothold in Pakistani politics, he has finally elbowed his way into the big league. Casting himself as a populist anti-corruption crusader challenging the traditional political elites, he is seen as a threat to the two parties that have long dominated elections.

On foreign policy, he criticized Pakistan’s unpopular alliance with the United States and controversial American drone attacks targeting al-Qaida and Taliban militants in the country’s tribal region that borders Afghanistan.

Khan hopes the momentum from the rally will push forward what he calls his political ”tsunami” and help his party win a majority of the 272 National Assembly seats that are up for election. That would allow Khan to form the next government and position him to become prime minister.

On electoral alliance, he ruled out any potential agreement with any ‘status quo’ parties giving references of Nawaz Sharif and Maulana Fazlur Rehman.

He said that he would not dramatize the issue of new provinces in order to get votes in forthcoming general elections.

The PTI Chief further said that Pakistan's future is in the hands of youth. "I am concerned with the well being of that people that is why I joined politics."

He added that his strength derived from faith in Allah.