SWAT - University of Swat professors and teachers on Sunday staged a protest rally against the PTI MPA Haider Ali Khan and ANP MPA Syed Jafar Shah for their alleged political interference in educational institutions of Swat.

The protesters marched from Wadudia Hall Campus to Swat Press Club. They demanded of the government to stop this alleged interference in educational institutions. The participants of the rally were holding placards and chanted slogans against the said MPAs.

It is reported that both the lawmakers have been continuously doing political intervention for personal benefits in the University of Swat. According to Spokesperson of the University, Aftab Khan, both the MPAs exert political pressure on the university administration asking it to issue orders in favour of their candidates on different vacancies.

However, the university is committed to go by rules and regulations and will never go against its constitution, he added.

He further went on saying that the current government came into power in the name of change while misuse of political powers is a big question mark on the face of government.

Assistant professor and provost of the Swat varsity, Fida Muhammad, said that the university is an educational institute while political interfering in educational institute will directly affect the education process of students.

When this correspondent contacted MPA Syed Jafar Shah to take his version, he claimed that embezzlement was made in finance department of the university and the VC had violated rules in recruitment and hired his family members on key positions. He further went on saying that the VC had hired a PBS-11 employee as project director of the varsity.

“We will not tolerate these corrupt practices in the university and will resign if the government does not take stern action against the Swat varsity VC,” Jafar said.