Jake Gyllenhaal reportedly wants to date Dakota Johnson. The 34-year-old actor briefly dated the 25-year-old actress several years ago, but the romance didn’t go anywhere. Apparently Jake has now started to wonder if he should have tried harder to make things work. ‘Jake and Dakota had a really brief fling in 2011, and he’s always regretted dumping her in a kind of one-that-got-away way. It’s been four years and he’s still got a major thing for her. Now she’s single, he’s been sending her flowers and begging for a date,’ an insider told British magazine Heat. Shortly after the pair went their separate ways Dakota got together with Jordan Masterson, who she was with for three years. She then had a six-month relationship with Matthew Hitt, but that is reported to have ended as he found it hard to cope with her growing fame thanks to the Fifty Shades of Grey movies.

Now she is single again it’s thought Jake thinks he might stand a chance. ‘He ended it out of the blue. She was pretty upset, but now he says he’s ready to settle down,’ the source said. Dakota’s fame has soared since she was cast as naive Anastasia Steele in the sexy movie, alongside Jamie Dornan as kinky Christian Grey.

Before it was released she admitted being worried about the effect it would have on her life, not least that she’d be instantly recognisable. So much so, in fact, she occasionally wondered if she’d made a bad decision.