Islamabad - Cell phones and wireless Internet services remained suspended on Sunday as part of security measures for Pakistan Day Celebrations.

Mobile phone operators said that the mobile services were shut in  Islamabad and some areas adjacent to parade ground in Rawalpindi. They further said that the mobile service in other sensitive areas of twin cities was also suspended as part of security measure ahead of Pakistan Day Parade. According to mobile operators the step was taken on the directives of the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.

According to sources, the PTA is receiving a daily plan from the Ministry of Interior, who is making the plan on the advice of spy agencies about suspension of mobile services.

“Most of the part of the capital and Rawalpindi may remain without mobile service on March 23 and the services are likely to be restored after completion of event,” an official said. He said that not only mobile service but also wireless internet service would also remain suspended till the event. The residents of twin cities expressed mixed reaction over suspension of mobile and internet service.

They said, “The suspension is not a new thing in Islamabad since Lal Masjid episode, it is normal but I am happy this time the suspension is for some cause, celebrating Pakistan Day after so many years.”

“Actually it is a message to anti-Pakistan forces that we will not give up fight against you and will fight till last drop of our blood,” said Shahid Jaskani, a resident of 1-8, a residential sector near parade avenue, where residents are not only facing mobile and internet services’ suspension but also blockade of roads.