The first semi final kicks off tomorrow. The destructive Kiwis vs the might Proteas. Its going to be one hell of a match. New Zealand's winning streak in the World Cup continues and their performance just keeps getting better. Their team works together so beautifully with everyone complimenting each other in every aspect. South Africans on the other end have consistently had to rely on one player to outperform the rest and win them the match. They have not nearly worked together like a team the way the Kiwis have done. That's where the New Zealanders have an edge and that edge can make the difference between a win and a loss. Both these teams have never made it to a World Cup final. It's the biggest match they will play because they have the ability to go ahead and win the tournament. They are at their strongest. It's a shame that one of them will lose and drop out from the running. But that's part of the game. Players from both sides just need to keep playing the way they have been and not get too tense about it being a semi final. Both the teams have been termed as chokers in the past. But there's one thing that will definitely happen tomorrow. One of these teams will rid themselves of that tag for good.

–Shaan Tahir