The Bahawal Victoria Hospital (BVH) has failed to provide healthcare as it lacks medicines and other basic facilities while the doctors remain absent from the state-run facility and join their private hospitals and clinics.

The doctors deployed in the Bahawal Victoria Hospital (BVH) are taking benefit of the bad situation of the hospital by establishing their private hospitals and clinics. Thus, the system of providing timely and proper healthcare for the patient has become weak as a strong mafia has taken over all the important administrative posts in BVH. Doctors are often found missing from the wards although they visit the wards sometime for the sake of maintaining presence and meeting. Most times, inexperience doctors are seen in the hospital due to which a number of deaths have taken place due to their negligence.

Doctors’ interest in patients’ wellbeing has become a dream while ward boys and commission staff keep lurking in the wards to get money from the patients not only in the government hospitals but also in the private ones.

The experienced doctors often remain absent from the hospital as while remain on call only for political personalities.

The entrance of medicine companies’ representatives is forbidden in the hospital but still doctors are often found making profitable deals with companies due to which people have to buy expensive medicines from the market on the prescription. According to the hospital sources, even in the operation theatres, there is no enough equipment available and operating teams face severe difficulties during operations, due to increasing number of patients.

Blue-eyed patients are put on the priority list of operations; as a result the poor patients having reference have to die in wait for their turn, patients present there said and demanded reforms in the government hospitals.