ISLAMABAD: PTI chief Imran Khan has vowed to make Pakistan an Islamic welfare state in true letter and spirit besides   demolishing tyrannical and exploitative system to ensure justice for all and sundry.

In his message on Pakistan Day today, he said that March 23 was golden chapter of grand political history of Muslims of sub-continent. “On this day, Muslims of sub continent decided to wage decisive struggle against tyranny and atrocities,” Khan said.

He underlined that on this day Muslims from sub-continent decided to chose the path of freedom by uniting under the leadership of Quaid-e-Azam. “This day gives us message that we should free ourselves from all prejudices and discrimination.”   

“This proves that waging struggle to achieve this great objective becomes possible only if we forego personal, family and regional interests.” Khan added.

“We renew the pledge on this day that we will unite ourselves as a nation and purge our ranks from selfish, incompetent and tyrannical politicians and rulers. We pledge that we will strive for the cause of restoring lost dignity and honour of green passport and flag in the world, he underscored. We will make our motherland a cradle of peace,” the PTI chief observed.