It is being said that with the Hub dam going dry, the crisis of water supply to Karachi has the potential to paralyse the whole city. The other source of water for Karachi is Keenjhar lake, but the canal from Kotri barrage to the lake supplies only a limited amount of water to the lake because it is primarily meant for irrigating lands in Thatta district.

In the long term what is required is another canal from Kotri barrage to the lake to take care of Karachi’s needs, but that will need another dam on the Indus because the present dam capacity is fully committed to the irrigation needs of the provinces.

The choice is between Bhasha dam in 15 years or Kalabagh dam in 5 years.

Isn’t it a tragedy that the dam is being opposed thinking it will reduce supplies to Sindh, when in fact the two previous dams have increased supplies, thinking that Punjab will manipulate supplies, when in fact it is the federal body IRSA which will regulate supplies, and Sindh has three votes in IRSA to one vote for Punjab.


Lahore, February 25.