ISLAMABAD - Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has strongly condemned the incident of terrorism in Brussels which resulted in the loss of precious human lives and injured many other innocent people.

Extending his heartfelt condolences to the victim families, the PM said that those responsible for killing of innocent people are devoid of humanity.

“Terrorism is not a threat to any single country or nation, but to the whole humanity and it is high time that this menace is collectively fought for safeguarding our future generations. The world must put up a joint resistance and fight against this evil for wiping out terrorism from all parts and countries of the world,” stressed the prime minister.

The prime minister underlined that no religion advocates terrorism and killings of innocent people. The terrorists label themselves as associated with different religious faiths and beliefs while their actions are in contrary to the religious teachings. No religion allows the barbaric and inhumane acts of killing fellow human beings, he added.

According to a private TV channel, the Pakistani ambassador in Brussels has said that all Pakistanis in Belgian capital are safe.