Abdul Basit Khan, advisor to Federal Ombudsman, heard various cases, expressed dissatisfaction over the performance of SNGPL officials and directed them to expedite the installation of gas connections applied since 2006.

He expressed grave concerns and dismay over the inordinate delay as the applicants had been waiting for their gas connections for the last 10 years. The figure/number of connections was not given by the Advisor. Khan also expressed complete dissatisfaction and displeasure over slow pace of issuing gas connections by the SNGPL in Sialkot. He also revealed that public is being given mental torture through late installation of connection by the SNGPL officials in Sialkot due to non computerisation of record.

The advisor also observed that it is the duty of field office Sialkot to install gas connection whereas the work is being done by General Manager (IT) in head office of SNGPL at Lahore, which is creating problems for public in Sialkot district.

He advised the SNGPL management to immediately computerise the record from 2006. He stressed upon officials of SNGPL to provide justice and relief for the perturbed public at their doorsteps.