It seems ideal choice of residency and buying assets beyond their declared sources of income, for ruling elite and powerful members of civil and khaki establishment is a popular Gulf State. This is where most of our super bureaucrats, federal ministers, retired generals, land mafia dons, corrupt politicians and traders have invested billions. Why not declare Pakistan a tax free haven for all those who posses black money and go a step further giving them immunity for criminal offences. In any case there has never been any punishment and prosecution for high profile criminals involved in heinous crimes of murder such as brutal killing of Shahzeb or Hamza of Karachi or more recent public massacre by Mustafa Kanju in Lahore Cantonment and lest we forget the mayhem of Karachi Baldia Factory where over 270 laborers were burnt alive because owners refused to pay ransom to powerful criminal mafia patronized by an ethnic party. This would save billions in administrative cost incurred on police, customs, FIA, NAB, FBR etc, which could be invested in building luxurious gated housing societies with all facilities offered by popular desert state.


Sukkur, February 25.