Indeed, access to good health is a right for all but it is a right that too many people still cannot enjoy today in this country of ours. The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) related to health, on child mortality, on maternal mortality, and on HIV/AIDS are among those most off-track and will remain elusive. While visiting Islamabad-based public and private hospitals to conduct some sort of research on the topic I have concluded that girls and women suffer the most. It appears from the situation that women have no right to health in this society.

Had our past and present rulers promoted shared health values, putting patients at the centre and reducing inequalities; had they stressed the links between health and economic prosperity Had they integrated health into all policies, this nation would not have with an ailing health as it is nowadays where people spend more on purchase of prescribed medicines and drugs than healthy, unhygienic and nutritious food but who cares in this country where mentally and physically ailing lot matters and now when the International women Day is approaching very fast on March 27, tall claims will be made, rosy promises would be made in the well-worded speeches and PowerPoint presentations but what will be done, everybody can easily gauge.


Islamabad, February 26.