Islamabad - Residents of Sector D-12 have demanded the Capital Development Authority (CDA) to make fast-track work for provision of basic facilities and civic services in the area.

Hundreds of residents, who held a demonstration in the sector, said the most of the sector was deprived of the basic facility of water as the CDA’s water supply only covered a few areas.

They said sewerage lines had not been properly laid. Whatever had been developed remained choked. Gaping manholes and broken sewerage pipes were an eyesore.

Similarly, infrastructure for electricity, gas and telephone was partially available in the sector.

The newly constructed roads had been damaged by the recent rain spell while drainage water had turned the main arteries at many places into ponds, he added.

The demonstrators said Sector D-12 was launched about 28 years ago but it remained devoid of basic facilities, mainly because of lack of interest and negligence of the past CDA managements.

They viewed that contractors engaged for carrying out development in the sector exploited the situation as the status quo was beneficial to them. They, however, lauded the incumbent CDA Chairman, who had ensured accelerated pace of work after having a meeting with them.

The work had again been halted and renewed efforts were needed to achieve the desired results, they added. The demonstrators, in their speeches, said the contract for the development of D-12 was awarded to MAB in 2005 with stipulated completion timeframe of one and a half years. Under the contract’s terms, work should have been completed during 2007, which was still incomplete despite lapse of 11 years, he added. They alleged that even the work carried out till date was also of sub-standard, which was adding to the miseries of residents.

On the other hand, they claimed that the contractor had been getting extensions in deadline, with no punitive action from the CDA.

The contractor was also awarded mini-contracts for some work that was not part of the main contract, they alleged.

They urged the CDA high-ups to look into the low quality and below specification works carried out in the sector, and ensure early completion of full development work with complete basic facilities.